Amplified External GPS Antenna for Garmin iQue, Quest Series Vehicle Navigator

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Garmin GA-27
Garmin GPS-12CX
Garmin GPS-12MAP
Garmin GPS-12XL
Garmin GPS-15/15L/15H
Garmin GPS-2527C
Garmin GPS-40
Garmin GPS-60
Garmin GPS-76
Garmin GPSCOM190
Garmin GPSCOM195
Garmin GPSMAP60
Garmin GPSMAP76
Garmin GPSMAP76C
Garmin GPSMAP76S
Garmin GPSMAP96
Garmin GPSMAP96C
Garmin GPSMAP175
Garmin iQue-3200-PDA
Garmin iQue-3600
Garmin iQue-3600-PDA
Garmin iQue-M3
Garmin iQue-M4
Garmin iQue-M5
Garmin MK-76
Garmin Quest (010-00306-00)
Garmin Quest 2 (010-00454-00)
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Garmin GA-27. Garmin Quest (010-00306-00) / Quest 2 (010-00454-00). Garmin iQue-3200-PDA / iQue-3600 / iQue-3600-PDA. Garmin iQue-M3 / iQue-M4 / iQue-M5. Garmin MK-76. Magnet Base;. Thewarranty and the technical support - You can always turn to us for qualified help;.

Additional Information
Body 1 7/8"(49mm) x 1 7/16"(38mm) x 5/8"(18mm)
Brand HQRP
Cable length 245cm / 96.5"
Cable type RG-174
Compatible Brand For Garmin
Connector MCX 90 degree connector
Frequency 1575.42 MHz
Gain 28dBi
MPN 8877730808171
Magnet Base Yes
Type External GPS Antenna
Voltage 3.0-5.0V
Warranty Yes